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Republic of Montenegro, is located in south part of Europe, on the coast of the Adriatic sea. This small country embraces in it completely calm rhythm of life, warmth and comfort of The Medieval Italian coastal little towns and amazing wild beauty of nature.

Territory of the Republic is 13.8 thousand km2. Number of inhabitants is approximately 620 thousand. Capital is the town of Cetinje, although after WW II almost all bodies of government were concentrated in “administrative center” – Podgorica.

Currency in Montenegro is EUR.

International call sign for Republic is – 382. Montenegro has 2 international airports – Podgorica and Tivat. All year around there is a ferry line with Italy Bar – Bari and Bar – Ancona. From Bar through Podgorica passes railway line for Beograd (Serbia). Also there is railway line Podgorica – Scadar (Albania).

Main highways are: Adriatic highway, starting from Ulcinj and going all the way to border with Croatia (going further along the sea coast to Italian town of Trieste); roads from the coast through Podgorica for Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and to Beograd (Serbia).

Montenegro is divided according to geography divided in three regions:littoral, central part, mountainous part. This division is comfortable for tourist purposes.



Littoral is the southernmost region with narrow belt (1-10 km wide), along the Adriatic Sea, from settlement Igalo on the west down to confluence of the River of Bojana on the east.

Central part

Central part consists of 2 parts. The first – Dinaride mountainous wreath that literally oversees over littoral. Another part of central region make plains.

Mountanious part

Mountainous region covers northern part of country here is sub Alp climate with cold and with heavy snowy periods and moderate warm summer.

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